UPDATED: Zimbabwe Government Inflates Mobile Data Prices

The Government of Zimbabwe, through its regulatory body the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), has struck a blow against a mortal enemy. 2016 saw the rise of protest movements organised through social media, led by vocal Twitter and Facebook uses who were branded “social media terrorists” in the state media. After a…

Creating a Better Shopping Experience

The year 2016 is finally here, and we know many businesses are back on the grind trying to attract and retain new customers. With an operating environment like Zimbabwe’s, the thin line between keeping and losing a customer can be a deadly one for any business. With the way our finances are set up, Zimbabweans…

We’re One Year Old Today!

It has been one year to the day since I launched this blog.

It’s been fun, and there’s no better than feeling than when you’ve made a difference, either in someone’s life or in the way things are done.

Here’s to us, the consumers who prove every day the we are not sheep.


Inspired to Spell Things Wrong

Updated below I ranted at Econet about their mobile broadband offering on my personal blog earlier this month, and posted a screenshot of a MASSIVE typo on the (new) homepage. It’s still there today. Judge for yourself. Also, the share price hasn’t changed either. Is anybody out there? Update 1 At 1156hrs today, I mailed…