This Is Not My New Year’s Resolution

I do not resolve to get more sleep. I do not resolve to use floss instead of toothpicks. I do not resolve to plan my meals around an exercise regime. And I don’t resolve to get up earlier, call my parents more, read more, write more or spend more time outdoors. I just do not…

Bad Service at Bon Marche Avondale

We received a complaint about bad customer service at Bon Marche Avondale; Just wanted to point something out that most Zimbabweans are probably so used to that they are oblivious to the problem. Today (9/5/16) I went to buy my groceries at Bon Marche Avondale at around 10am in the morning. Managed to pick out…

BancABC: stale thinking, dull banking

Ed Masau had a terrible experience at the hands of BancABC. In his own words: I got the shock of my life on Sunday 24 March 2013 when l had ordered some grocery for breakfast just before going to church. I was in a supermarket and l intended to use my BancABC card to buy…

The price of luxury

Häagen-Dazs is an American ice-cream brand. As far as I know, it’s not easy to get in Zimbabwe. Spar Athienitis has it, though. At pretty high prices, compared to our own local brands. Personally, if Kefalos Vanilla Bean costs $4, why buy something else for $18? But that’s just me.

I&J Meal Box costs more than actual meal

I was at Athienitis Spar the other day, and as soon as I saw a display of I&J Meal Boxes, I went for it.

Their curry range is amazing, and I especially love the tikka masala. You would think it’s fresh from an Indian restaurant, not out of the box.

“Buy Zimbabwe”; Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Whilst going through my favourite publication this morning, I came across what seemed an interesting article.
With businesses closing down in Zimbabwe, unemployment is increasing and as a result, there is less consumer spending.
During tough economic times, it might have been hard to come up with anything more visceral than the appeal to “Buy Zimbabwe. Save a job.”
All well and good, and this seems like a noble effort. Except … itself is not even hosted in Zimbabwe.