CONSUMERIZIM Contributes To Harare News

We have a major announcement, and have been dying to share it with you. In our continuing efforts to increase the scope and reach of our consumer protection activities, we have negotiated with Harare News, a growing and exciting publication, to carry our consumer-specific articles in each issue. Harare News has been at the forefront of tackling…

Happy Customer Service Week

Have you noticed a difference in the way you have been treated in supermarkets, banks and other retail outlets in the past week? Have you been treated with a bit of the respect a paying (or potential) customer rightfully deserves? Have they rolled out the red carpet and finally made an effort at providing good customer service? If so, don’t be alarmed at the sudden change of attitude! I’m here to allay your fears about this strange behaviour, and furnish you with an explanation.

Gideon Gono “stole public funds” – Kereke

Munyaradzi Kereke is a former lieutenant of the current Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono.

Munyaradzi Kereke has written a letter to Gideon Gono, making a large number of sensational allegations. It makes for interesting reading, but as with any matter of dispute, we take the allegations with the requisite scepticism.

Daily News has the best typo ever!

Instead of poking fun at today’s Daily News, I would like to celebrate their photo feature on page 21. It’s not often you see a glamour spread in Zimbabwe’s papers, and this one has an added bonus. The best typo in Zimbabwe’s newspaper history. Ever. So her name’s Harry Berry now? How does this pass…

The Standard website has a rodent problem

I just took this screenshot from the website of The Standard. There is, of course, a long and colourful history of spelling howlers on Zimbabwe’s news websites, The Herald being the standard-bearer (teehee), but NewsDay is fighting hard to take that cup, and The Independent has moments. Does no-one with responsibility actually CHECK the website…