Backup Your iBerry Contacts Online

My laptop is currently undergoing surgery for a new motherboard, so I have had to use my home machine for work. The problem with trying to sync an iPhone with a new iTunes is that iTunes has to first erase everything on the phone. Now, the only thing of value on my phone is the…

US agrees to supply coins to Zimbabwe

According to the Zimbabwe Independent, the Federal Reserve will now supply coins and replace soiled notes held by Zimbabwean banks.

For those of us who have been crying about the issue of change for months now, this will come as a welcome relief. As a caveat, the story contains no quotes or official statement from the Americans themselves, just Finance Minister Tendai Biti talking up the agreement, as if he needed to.

YoAfrica phone calls are most welcome

We got this from Matt yesterday, who took time out of his Valentine’s festivities to send out a public “Thank you” to his Internet Service Provider.

Patty’s Kitchen Is Cooking It Right

I am a fan of curry. I will comb through any restaurant menu and if I find a chicken, beef or lamb curry, I will order that first. It is always a surprise to find a nice place with a good, robust curry that’s not too hot, like I did the other day. Patty’s Kitchen…