OpenParly Are Doing Good Work

We received this from Tich, who is pretty chuffed with OpenParly; This is an appreciation post. I rarely send these. So, a week ago, I was following the @OpenParlyZW Twitter feed and they were sharing a few details on NRZ. I’ve been following the NRZ story with interest of late. Really trying to find out…

Service at Michael Gelfand Clinic

We’ve just received this from Wadzanayi; Hello Admin I would like to applaud a Doctor who attended to me and my son at Michael Gelfand [Clinic]. Since i started using their (Michael Gelfand) facilities, I have NEVER had a Doctor who took their time to explain to me what was wrong, what caused it and…

CONSUMERIZIM Contributes To Harare News

We have a major announcement, and have been dying to share it with you. In our continuing efforts to increase the scope and reach of our consumer protection activities, we have negotiated with Harare News, a growing and exciting publication, to carry our consumer-specific articles in each issue. Harare News has been at the forefront of tackling…

City Link introduces online booking (updated)

Updated below Sandiswe Bhule has been using City Link coaches a lot, and has some praise to share about their service and booking system; My friends, family and I travel a lot between Bulawayo and Harare and because I am the youngest they ALWAYS task me with the duty of booking tickets for everyone. Between December and…

Well done, Utande

Wadzanayi has nothing but praise for Utande; I just want to applaud Dandemutande’s Support Centre for a splendid job they are doing. I believe these people are one of the most responsive service providers in Zimbabwe, yes. Having have dealt with soo many internet service providers, these guys have shown a great deal of responsiveness,…

How to send free SMS from Gmail (except to Zimbabwe)

Log in to Gmail, then go to Settings and click Labs. Enable ‘SMS (text messaging) in Chat’ and then Save Changes. And you’re done. Now you can send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail chat. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search, chat or SMS’ box in Chat (which is now Chat…

Gideon Gono “stole public funds” – Kereke

Munyaradzi Kereke is a former lieutenant of the current Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono.

Munyaradzi Kereke has written a letter to Gideon Gono, making a large number of sensational allegations. It makes for interesting reading, but as with any matter of dispute, we take the allegations with the requisite scepticism.

Innscor don’t want my money anymore

I have very strong opinions on issues like change, customer service and corporate feedback.

For months I railed against retailers who steadfastly refused to remedy the change situation. I whined incessantly about Innscor in general, and Nando’s in particular, regarding their practice of pricing their products for change, without providing the change itself!

ZIMRA Border Agents May Not Like Their Jobs

We all know how it feels to stand in queue at the border, whilst the world’s slowest customs agent does his thing, not giving a toss about you or anyone else. Some had the same trouble yesterday, and made sure to fill out a feedback form.