Bird Flu At Irvine’s Chickens: Botswana Cancels Imports

Updated below with Irvine’s statement The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has reported that an outbreak of a highly pathogenic avian flu has occurred at Irvine’s commercial breeders east of the capital Harare. On a farm with eight separately managed sites that are contained, one breeding site housing 83,000 birds was affected. Over three…

Banff Lodge Customer Ignored, Sent to Chicken Inn

Updated below Here is a disturbing story from a Bulawayo resident, who had a nasty experience at a local restaurant. [On the 22nd January 2016] I went to dine at The Deck at Banff Lodge. I arrived just after 8pm and sat at the bar. Some of my friends were already there and were having drinks. On arrival…

No Teapots At Mugg & Bean Avondale

Harare has recently seen a rash of new big name franchises open, mostly coming from south of the Limpopo. KFC, News Cafe, Ocean Basket and Mugg & Bean have all opened fairly recently, and we always like to get feedback from their customers. Here is one interesting account of an experience at the newest arrival, Mugg…

Dial-A-Delivery Stole My Change

When you call Dial-A-Delivery, they usually ask you if you require any change. I have been such a regular customer over the years that I don’t even wait for the question – when they tell me how much it costs (including that ridiculously high $5 delivery charge) I tell them how much change I’ll need….

OK sued over contaminated pie

According to The Daily News, a Harare woman is demanding over $10 000 from one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, claiming a $1 pie she bought in October 2011 from the shop was contaminated. Silindeni Gangarabwe filed a High Court application against OK Zimbabwe Limited, seeking damages she suffered as a result of the firm’s…

The price of luxury

Häagen-Dazs is an American ice-cream brand. As far as I know, it’s not easy to get in Zimbabwe. Spar Athienitis has it, though. At pretty high prices, compared to our own local brands. Personally, if Kefalos Vanilla Bean costs $4, why buy something else for $18? But that’s just me.

I&J Meal Box costs more than actual meal

I was at Athienitis Spar the other day, and as soon as I saw a display of I&J Meal Boxes, I went for it.

Their curry range is amazing, and I especially love the tikka masala. You would think it’s fresh from an Indian restaurant, not out of the box.

Steers advertising versus reality

People everywhere know fast food as one of the most reliable distributors of disappointment ever produced by the business world. Food advertising is infamous for the techniques it uses to make items look bigger and better. The places themselves usually plaster their walls with pictures of juicy burgers – often hanging right over the tills…

Pizza Inn Newlands charge Large, serve Medium

via Twitter No. That is wrong on so many levels. And this, after I sang Innscor’s praises and even name-dropped Pizza Inn as doing a good job. This is not cool. I’m forwarding this to them right about …. now.